Pur Well UV Light Toothbrush Sterilizer

Regularly disinfected toothbrushes prevent the spread of bacteria and allows brushes to last longer between replacements.

Two great choices to reduce bacteria and microorganisms on brushes and improve oral health!

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Intelligent Timer

Sterilize and disinfect in under 8 minutes

Fights Bacteria & Micro-organisms 

UV Sterilization provides up to 99.8% disinfection rate

Built-In Battery

One full charge provides 10-12 uses


IPX5 waterproof rated on both home and travel versions

We brush our teeth to keep our teeth free from food and stains but it’s more than that. 

We also do so to keep our gums and mouth tissue healthy and have fresh breath. 

At any given time we have millions of bacterium in our mouths.   

And while brushing, flossing and mouth-wash are great to fight bacteria in your mouth, bacteria will accumulate on your brush. 

Furthermore, when you leave your toothbrush on your counter, in a drawer, toiletry bag or hanging on a clip it will accumulate additional bacteria and microorganisms.  

While it might seem ideal to replace your toothbrush or brush heads constantly, the reality is that you don’t have to.

Here are TWO great choices to reduce bacteria and microorganisms on brushes and improve oral health.

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How is this unit operated?

  1. Place your toothbrush so that its ‘neck’ is in the plastic holder inside the unit. Close the unit door and press the power button.
  2. You will notice a faint noise and may see a blue light illuminating from inside the unit.
  3. The process will automatically shut off when sanitation is complete, or it will shut off automatically when the door is opened.

How does it work?

Research shows this method of sterilization can kill escherichia coli, tritirachium album, staphylococcus aureus, and other common bacteria with a 99% efficiency rate. UV sterilization is a sterilization method commonly used in the medical field, food industry, chemical engineering and much more! The device contains two (2) UV bulbs to ensure every angle of your toothbrush is clean and sterilized.

How many toothbrushes does uv toothbrush sterilizer it hold?

The home uv toothbrush sterilizer unit holds 5 toothbrushes at one time.

The travel uv toothbrush sterilizer unit holds 1 toothbrush at a time.