Hepa Car Air Purifier

Revolutionary Portable Air Purifier

Perfect for car, office and home. Available in silver or black.

** As a product launch gift, includes a BONUS replacement coconut charcoal air filter FREE! ($25 value)
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HEPA Filter

Included Replaceable HEPA Charcoal Coconut Air Filter

Cluster Ion Technology

Removes smoke, odors, formaldehyde. Provides fatigue relief

Removes viruses & bacteria

97% Sterilization Rate (5 million pc/cm3)

Ultra Quiet Operation

Designed for small spaces in a compact form factor

Your drive to work can be a killer – literally!

With each breath we likely inhale many of the pollutants of the road, including:

Emissions from other vehicles

Manufacturing/factory discharge

Asphalt gases

Environmental pollen

Not only can this be a health concern, increased fatigue at work is unproductive, and getting behind the wheel can be dangerous.

We call this the Natural Oxygen Bar.

Research shows purifying your surrounding air can refresh your mind and relieve  fatigue at home, work, or while driving.

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How is this unit operated?

  1. Ensure the unit is plugged into a power source using the provided power cable.
  2. Turn on the unit by tapping the power button.
  3. To turn on the unit without illuminating the lights, press and hold the button.

Does the filter need to be changed?

Pur Oxygen comes with an included HEPA coconut charcoal air filter. This HEPA filter filters at least 5 million pcs/cm3.

We recommend changing the filter once every 3 months.

Where can I use this?

The hepa car air purifier is ideal for small spaces such as your car, office, bedroom and bathroom. It is designed to operate in spaces up to 131 sq. ft.